Pricing Information

Photographic Price List

Please note that these prices are for the supply of images for personal use only. Please contact the museum for permission and price list for reproduction of prints in any form or for use for public display.

Fees are inclusive of any applicable taxes


These are matt finish digital prints printed on Kodak Royal Digital paper. As with all photographs, avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

(Black and White, or Colour)

5" x 7"
10" x 8" (A4)

(These are the only two sizes currently available online, other and larger sizes may also be available on request. Prices for these would be individually quoted.)


Prints are now available on canvas. Please telephone 01595 695057 for further details and prices.


Sorry but we do not supply electronic delivery of images, for general use. We can however supply electronic copies for specific purposes. For further details of this service, please contact us.


Rest of World

Please note that these prices are for the supply of images for personal use only. Permission to reproduce prints in any form, or to use them for public display, must be separately applied for, and may be subject to additional charge. Please contact the museum for a full price list.

A set of standard conditions for permission to reproduce images

The supply of photographic copies of documents or images held within the Photographic Archive of the Shetland Museum and Archives does not in any way imply the granting of authority to reproduce such copies, in any form, for any purpose. Authority for reproduction for any type of publication, broadcast or exhibition must be sought, and obtained, in writing from the Curator. Unauthorised reproduction may render the infringer liable to civil penalties. Use however may be made of these pages for non commercial purposes e.g. research, study, private use, without permission from the copyright holder.

The following standard conditions apply to the granting of authority to reproduce images. Further conditions or variations applicable to individual cases may also be negotiated. Formal written acceptance of the agreed conditions is a prerequisite for the granting of permission.

  1. The Curator reserves the right to deny authority to reproduce any image without giving reasons.
  2. In normal circumstances a charge will be made for the authorising of reproduction. Charges vary according to the purpose of reproduction and other criteria. A formal quotation for authority to reproduce will be supplied upon request: such a quotation will be binding for a period of one month.
  3. Payment of the agreed fee will give the purchaser the right to reproduce the image, in the agreed manner only, for a single print run (or production, as appropriate) of up to 3,000 copies. Reproduction rights for television are for a single showing of the programme, unless otherwise agreed. Larger or repeated print runs / production, or repeat broadcast, will be subject to repeat fees at the discretion of the Keeper of Manuscripts.
  4. The authority to reproduce given by payment of these fees extends only to the initial applicant. The authority given does not imply any right to the purchaser to authorise subsequent reproduction by a third party. Similarly, the right to reproduce is not exclusive.
  5. Unless otherwise stated in writing, each copy of an image reproduced will bear an acknowledgement to the Shetland Museum Photographic Archive in the form “Shetland Museum Photographic Archive”. The acknowledgement shall be made in such a way that it can be identified with the individual images to which it applies.
  6. In normal circumstances, a copy of any publication produced should be given to the Museum.