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Everyday Wear - Haps
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Everyday Wear - Haps

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Everyday Wear - Haps
Everyday Wear - Haps
A type of shawl known as a hap. These were for everyday wear. This hap is knitted in two ply yarn and of natural colours of wool. One of the strips around the edge is knitted in 'moorit' - a very rich brown-reddish colour of wool, common to Shetland sheep.

Shetland 'haps' were the type of practical shawls worn everyday by local women. They were folded diagonally in two and worn over the head or shoulders. The ends were crossed over and then either tied or tucked in to the skirt band.

The fineness of wool depends on which part of the sheep it's taken from; the finest wool is from around the neck. Haps were knitted from the coarsest wool as the fine wool was kept for knitting goods to be exported.

  • Shetland Museum